Chronopic 3.0 published and available in 15-20 days

[most of the links are in spanish]

New Chronopic 3.0 has been published with a free license [1]

Chronopic 3.0 is one of the first boards in the world being free "with
zero restriction" [2]

It has been announced on the Kicad mailing list (free tool used for
Chronopic 3.0 designing) [3]

Here you have normal photos [4] and "friki" photos [5].

Chronopic section on faqs has been updated [6]

Chronojump-devel-list has been very busy on December [7] and January [8]

Chronojump windows version is working now with the new Cronopic
(and works also with older Chronopics). Linux version still need some
adjustements [9], [10], [11]

We are talking now with different manufacturers for the industrial
Chronopic 3.0 release. We want to remember you (as it's written on the
faq [6]) that everyone can build Chronopic on every country and sell
it at the price he feels is right and following it's license [12]

Thanks to all, specially to Ricardo Gómez.













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