Changes Chronojump 0.7.5 -> 0.8

Changes since 0.7.5 (1 aug 2008)

Major changes

-management of user local database location and temp database location
(to solve  problems with bad dirs and sqlite). Solve also problems
with Vista and program files using. Logs also changed it's dir.
-sounds available for windows again
-treeviews are more compact and accelerators are used for edit,
delete, repair, zoom, ...
-edit tests solves ok the problem with losing decimals. Fixes: 355306
-edit tests don't need to always reload all treeview.Fixes: 557222.
(involves fast addition of descriptions)
-on windows compiled for new mono 2.0.1

Minor changes
-improved preferences, more usable, and with database and logs dirs
-database version: 0.59
-zoom is now a rolling button (a button for 2 or 3 states)
-better sort on treeview tests (now by name)
-better selections of repetitive tests
-better export and report
-chronojump_mini better data print
-added help on export to CSV
-InstallJammer used now is 1.2.9 (fixes problem with shortcuts in greek)

-completed en, es, ca
-updated norweigan

Bugs fixed
-fixed important bug: when people destroyed execute window, and event
has ended, it tryes to cancel, there was nothing to cancel, and we
entered endless loop.
-fixed important bug in edit simulated events, they crash on reading
"xxx simulated" as int
-fixed bugs relates to weight units and weight changes
-fixed bug in add multiple, sex cannot be changed

Complete info:

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