Changes Chronojump 0.52 -> 0.6

New Chronojump version: 0.6 has arrived! Changes from 0.52 are a lot!

Main changes:
-Windows version executes with Mono, no longer with .NET
-All Chronojump is now GTK2 (lots of gui improvements)
-Use of Sqlite 3 on windows and Linux. Done an automatic convertion utlity
-Added an image window with graph and information of tests
-New directory structure (releases windows and linux in same
compressed file) with a build dir and a create release
-Added a thread waiting Chronopic connection, with information and a
-Double click executing: on windows read registry for finding mono and
executing chronojump with double click. On linux improves the path
-Chronojump cannot be executed two times simultaneously. Also if
crashes detected, encourages to write an email to developers
-Done a person selector in stats comboCheckboxesOptions  (only shows
persons in current stat)
-Automatic stats updating deactivated
-Added agility tests on runs: 20Yard, 505, Illinois, Shuttle run,
ZigZag. All with images and descriptions
-Added EditReactionTime and EditPulse
-Added lots of Chronopic info on manual

Minor changes:
-Makefile now compiles chronojump.prg
-Generally use now Kg instead of %. weight Percent or Kg added to preferences
-Added Rocket jump
-better stats/type labels on gui/stats, and better code
-Updated NPlot
-Added description of every event on treeviews
-Added graphs for: jump free, sj, sjl, cmj, dj, rj, jump reactive,
runs, runs interval
-language selector is also hidden on windows now
-Added longDescription (localizable) of all agility tests jumpsMore,
jumpsRjMore, runs, runsInterval show description localised
-Now volume shows different icon if it's on or off
-Added non standard (not in mono) icons
-Edit,selected,repair buttons and menuitem only shown when specific
event selected
-When an event is deleted edit, repair and delete buttons are hidden
because nothing is selected (not done in delete last, because the
selected can be another event)
-Last value of RJ jumps or seconds limited, selected by default
-Added initially selected seconds as description on rj limited by time
-Autodetection of ports disabled on Linux and Windows
-Play system bell on windows instead of wavs
-Improved report and export: added reactionTime and pulses. Total, AVG
and DE rows on jumpsRj, runsInterval and pulses. Added more person
-Added attention message on edit jump (when changing weight)
-Change on preferences(height, weigh, digits) auto changes stats
-Treeviews are not minimized by default (remember last state)

Bugs fixed:
-Fixed bug when editing a rj jump weight converted to 0
-cmjPlusPotency weight calculations are ok now
fixed bug of cursorchanged on windows
-Fixed bug in countingTotalTime on util (for treeviews)
-Round instead of only TrimDecimals
-Fixed some bugs on two dbcons opened at same time
-Fixed bug on Cancel event before started and having to touch platform
(tests remaining)
-Unities ok on runs edit
-Fixed bug on jumpsimited assignement on jumpRJ
-Fixed on report destroy window and stats adding
-Fixed bug on graph djQ & djInde
-Changed stock icons (don't work on win)
-Fixed bug on reaction times treeview header
-Fixed crash on edit jump and jumpRj
-Fixed bug on not showing correctly the personName on some parts of
the code (like editing an event)
-Fixed crash on click repair pulse
-Fixed crash on expand a row on run_interval
-Fixed bug on Util.TrimDecimals when sql returns a "-" (detected on
stats RjEvolution)
-Fixed bug in person change date, now it changes ok
-Fixed crash (bad date) when editing a person created using create multiple

-Added Portuguese (Portugal)
-Added Occitan
-Completelly updated English, Spanish and Catalan
-Partially updated other translations

More detailed info on Chronojump changelog:

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