Searching colaborations for Chronopic 2.0 creation

Dear Chronojump users

Soon we will release Chronopic 2.0. This PIC will be smaller and
cheaper, also it will work directly on USB (solving problem of
usb-serial cable) and being powered by the computer.

All the information for the creation of Chronopic 2.0 is on the net:

But this information is related to a manual (not industrial)
fabrication of the PIC.
We need the industrial technical drawings of the pic, but this needs
engineering effort priced with more than 4000 euros + VAT. When we
will have this drawings or plans, then industrial chronopics can be
done at 30 euros each chronopic aprox (maybe lower). This is a price
really suitable for students. We want to remember that any firm or
individual of any part of the world will be able to ask any technical
manufacturer to create Chronopics and sell them with Chronojump and/or
with any other products or services. Of course in some places of the
world, chronopic creation will be cheaper.

We found three solutions to the problem:

1.- A sports/technology firm finances the plans

Then this firm will not put the plans on the net, and they will
comercialice the chronopic as an exclusive, until another firm does
the same (pay again for the plans). This solution is not common in
free software spirit, also this will be really bad for chronojump and
chronopic expansion in different countries.

2.- Some of the Chronojump developers finance the plans

Then we can sell also the chronopics or allow some firms to sell them
(paying little part to us until we recuperate initial investment).

In concordance with free software spirit, Chronojump developers will
upload the industrial plans on the net, but they will do it when
enough Chronopics are sold (investment is rewarded)

3.- A foundation of different firms, universities and individuals
finance the plans

If we can create a foundation (eg. firms of different markets),
investment will be less painful and it will benefit all. We will need
to study at which moment the technical plans will be on the internet.

We want also to announce that Chronojump has been presented in the
Trophées du Libre. This contest can be helpful for solving this
problem. At the end of the month, winners will be known, but we cannot
count on this, because lots of good projects have been registered.
Also, there are other parts of Chronojump project that need finance.
We need to start solving the money problem before the jury publishes
the winners.,395.html?lang=en

You can put comments on the mailing list. If you want to do it in
private, then you can use my private email:

xaviblas gmail com

Since the money is available, three months will pass until new
chronopics are created. If there's people who cannot wait, they can
contact me because there are still some old chronopics available.


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