Reaction time in Chronojump working! (english email)

Chronojump now allows the study of REACTION TIME! These are great news!.

The protocol is the following:

An "assistant" steps on a contact platform.
The "evaluated" person looks to the Chronopic light (not glowing)

1. When the "assistant" knows that the "evaluated" is prepared,
assistant leave the platform.
2. Then the light glows
3. And the evaluated should click as fast as possible in the chronopic
or in whatever other platform. The recorded time is the time between 2
and 3.

It's important to notice that the evaluated person should not see or
hear the assistant, he only focusses on the light

It can be recorded as a simple jump, but a new module for reaction
time has been coded in the development (SVN) version. In a short
future, we will release another version with this feature.

For more info, check the NEW 4 GRAPHS on the WEBSITE:

The reaction time graph is attached also in this email


Attachment: chronojump_esquema_reaction_time_300.png
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