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  • [Bug 644423] Battery of Tests configurable by user, chronojump
  • [Bug 652849] Not confuse triple jump with triple jump, chronojump
  • [Bug 654971] initial speed and impulse, chronojump
  • [Bug 420580] record bells for each user & session, chronojump
  • [Bug 662866] Ability to download all server data to users chronojumps, chronojump
  • [Bug 663386] Add statistics calculation to query, chronojump
  • [Bug 665071] Strength/speed graphs, chronojump
  • [Bug 669979] export and report with more statistics for every subjump, chronojump
  • [Bug 674438] when data is uploaded, know what changed, chronojump
  • [Bug 652852] Add metronome, chronojump
  • [Bug 635680] Alert use on chronopic recommendation, specially if need to change, chronojump
  • [Bug 643675] Stats for rhythms, chronojump
  • [Bug 494246] Add info about statistics, chronojump
  • [Bug 660988] height by default, chronojump
  • [Bug 776617] Mark some strings as translatable, chronojump
  • [Bug 652855] multichronopic sync, chronojump
  • [Bug 652854] photocells with AND, chronojump
  • [Bug 652135] Improve info on upload evaluator, chronojump
  • [Bug 651354] 6 Chronopics to record swimming, chronojump
  • [Bug 648871] Check date of birth ok on uploading, chronojump
  • [Bug 649198] Only show evaluators who have uploaded stuff, chronojump
  • [Bug 648753] On upload session tell if previously updated, chronojump
  • [Bug 648566] Record unsuccessful pings, chronojump
  • [Bug 567054] Merge two databases, chronojump
  • [Bug 478172] allow to select which jumps in f/v, iUB, elasticity... stats, chronojump
  • [Bug 652853] network progresssbar: If net problems don't loose responsitivity, chronojump

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