[Bug 750236] New: Typos in translatable strings

Bug ID 750236
Summary Typos in translatable strings
Classification Other
Product chronojump
Version unspecified
OS All
Status NEW
Severity minor
Priority Normal
Component chronojump
Assignee xaviblas@cvs.gnome.org
Reporter anders.jonsson@norsjovallen.se
QA Contact xaviblas@cvs.gnome.org
GNOME version ---

I noticed some typos in strings of chronojump and accompanying comments. Below
is what I found along with my suggested spellings:

appropiate --> appropriate

assesment --> assessment

hidded --> hidden

mantain --> maintain

Ocasional --> Occasional

preceeding --> preceding

Ressitance --> Resistance ?

runInervallic --> runIntervallic

sciencies --> sciences

snaphot --> snapshot

speciallities --> specialties 
speciallity --> specialty

Spreadsheed --> Spreadsheet

volleybol --> volleyball

"reconnected.Do you" --> "reconnected. Do you"

Anders Jonsson

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