[Bug 695585] New: bug on encoder ecS paint different than powerbars

  chronojump | chronojump | 0.9.x

           Summary: bug on encoder ecS paint different than powerbars
    Classification: Other
           Product: chronojump
           Version: 0.9.x
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: critical
          Priority: Normal
         Component: chronojump
        AssignedTo: xaviblas cvs gnome org
        ReportedBy: xaviblas cvs gnome org
         QAContact: xaviblas cvs gnome org
     GNOME version: ---

on ecS both curves are separated
the algorithm works the same for singleFile and !singleFile
the problem is when kinematicsF is called
is called two times, one for "e" and one for "c"
and both times the propulsive calculations... are done. Also in the e time
curves e,i,c calculations are done

this can result in return values of speed, power, ... from kinematicsF
referring to an ecc phase that ends in the propulsiveEnds.

this is a problem with eccentric phase but seem ok with concentric.

All this makes a different result from using paint method (separates e,i,c
better) than the other methods

First thing have to be done is put an option if isometric phase want to be
separated (maybe don't need and do always). Then: 
-the method for !singleFile
should find the curves with the method in "paint": crossMinRow

then, there will be two curves: e and c, or if isometric is considered and
there's this phase: e,i,c

then call kinematicsF one time for each curve, and it will act different (don't
search for propulsive in e,i. and don't need the crossMinRow method here
because it will be done previoulsy)

Basically everytime there's an ecS we need a unique method to separe the curves
depending on the isometric tag.

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