[Bug 705212] New: autosmooth on double phase (eg: ec)

  chronojump | chronojump | 1.3.x

           Summary: autosmooth on double phase (eg: ec)
    Classification: Other
           Product: chronojump
           Version: 1.3.x
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: Normal
         Component: chronojump
        AssignedTo: xaviblas cvs gnome org
        ReportedBy: xaviblas cvs gnome org
         QAContact: xaviblas cvs gnome org
     GNOME version: ---

smooth on e or c produces different values of speed, accel, power than smooth
on ec.
Give a different value from the use is not enough.
Problem is that user see different values on curves (after capture) than on
single analysis.
Best is to have an smooth for single phase on preferences. And iterate to find
the desirable on double phase.

#process e
speed <- smooth.spline( 1:length(e), e, spar=smoothingSinglePhase)
#process c
speed <- smooth.spline( 1:length(c), c, spar=smoothingSinglePhase)


#process ec

smoothingDoublePhase = smoothingSinglePhase
for(i in seq(smoothingSinglePhase,0,by=-.1)) {
  speed <- smooth.spline( 1:length(ec), ec, spar=i)
  smoothingDoublePhase = i
  if(maxSpeedTogether >= maxSpeedSeparated)

#use smoothingDoublePÄ¥ase

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