[Bug 470881] replace System.MediaSounds on windows Mono

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------- Comment #3 from Xavier de Blas  2007-12-14 15:31 UTC -------
In banshee there are two solutions:

1.-"The engine backend is implemented directly against Windows Media Player,
called Banshee.MediaEngine.WMP10. It’s cool to see that they were able to use
the native platform engine for playback, but sadly the developer of Banshee is
more interested in getting the current GStreamer engine to run under Windows as

2.-Here samples of the WMP10 sln and assemblyInfo.cs for windows

3.-Last svn seems only use the Gstreamer, but the WMP10 seems easier for a
non-audio project like cronojump. On a july report, the SoC student said that
Gstreamer solution is slower and probably choppy:
"Gstreamer is slow on Windows. It's fine most of the time, but when the CPU
gets hammered, the audio will become choppy. This doesn't happen when using
DirectSound in similar situations. I don't know yet if it's a significant

4.-Here there's a bug solved for the gstreamer solution

5.-On the svn there's the engine for direct sound:
mkdir banshee_windows_port
cd bansee_windows_port
svn co http://svn.gnome.org/svn/banshee/branches/windows-port .

ls banshee/src/Engines/
Banshee.MediaEngine.DirectSound  Banshee.MediaEngine.GStreamer  Engines.mds 

ls banshee/src/Engines/Banshee.MediaEngine.GStreamer/
Banshee.MediaEngine.GStreamer.csproj  Banshee.MediaEngine.GStreamer.mdp 
GstPlayerEngine.cs  Makefile.am

ls banshee/src/Engines/Banshee.MediaEngine.DirectSound/
Banshee.MediaEngine.DirectSound.csproj  DirectSoundPlayerEngine.cs  Properties

But there's no using of the directSound engine on current svn.

6.- Try to create a little sample of playing on windows with directsound in a 
mono app

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