Re: videobooth installations and os/computer setup recommendations

hey dan,

i am very sorry, but i just discovered your mail today in my inbox. did
you project work out? do you have anything to share?


On Wed, 2010-10-27 at 16:56 -0400, urt hen ews wrote:
> hey all,
> i've been working on a bunch of videobooth appliances lately. sort of
> like a public telephone but leaves a message to youtube(or similar)
> channel.
> this is an intro to a cart based one i ran in brooklyn for the last
> year:
> that one is mac based. i've made a couple linux based ones but i have
> had a much harder time getting them to run reliably.
> but i have had some success and i'm trying to transfer fully to linux
> based installations but i still have very little idea of what
> variables are most important for the machines i'm setting up. 
> i've used both fedora and ubuntu distros. a couple of the installs
> detailed at
> the most recent one i'm working on is a ubuntu 10.10 install on a dual
> core athlon, 1.5gb ram, hp desktop. 
> the video is still pretty choppy despite the machine being much faster
> that any previous i have used. tried with 3 diff webcams as well. a
> couple logitech ones and a playstation eye.
> any tips? other distros? special settings i can tweak in the
> background?
> my desire with these installations is that the machine acts like a
> server or appliance. only recording and uploading videos, nothing else
> really. 
> thanks,
> dan
> everyt hingis
> plebian design / broadcaster project / brooklyn mobile
> 16 norman st
> cambridge ma 02138
> mobile: 617-504-9619
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