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sorry for my late reply. 

afaik, we are using the program gnome-open to open a file. gnome-open
calls the right program to handle a specific url. as you are a kde user
you probably never had a look at the settings of gnome-open, which you
can change by executing gnome-default-applications-properties

hope i could help!


On So, 2010-02-07 at 18:11 -0500, nikolardo flamingo wrote:
> Cheese is certainly the best linux webcam app around.  I prefer KDE to
> Gnome and currently run a KDE Sabayon system, using Cheese as my
> webcam application.  It works quite well, with only one nagging
> bother.  I cannot open a picture directly from Cheese by
> double-clicking it.  It feeds me an error message about not having
> nautilus installed.  It would be nice if there were some option to
> specify what program should be used to open photos.  I would love to
> be able to open photos with Gwenview directly from Cheese, without
> having to use a browser to navigate to the photo first.  The same
> thing happens when opening videos.  Cheese should defer to the
> system-specified program for opening photos and videos instead of
> trying to do it all fancy-like on its own, in my opinion.  At least,
> that should be an option.  If there is a temporary fix I can do that
> anyone knows of, it would be lovely to find out about it.
> Thank you.
> -Nikolardo
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