Re: Cheese python binding

hey nicolas!

it would be awesome to investigate the status of gobject-introspection
in python. awesome, because we would get bindings for every language out
there with no additional work (just the definition file would have to be

i would love to integrate your work into cheese, we can offer you our
infrastructure of course if you are interested!



On So, 2010-02-28 at 20:32 +0400, Nicolas Bertrand wrote:
> Hi,
> I just run my first python code , with the cheese binding :-)
> I just rewrite in python the cheese-test-monitor.c , and it runs like a
> charm.
> I keep the libcheese as it is.
> The generation of the cheese binding still a mess, I incorporated it in
> pygtk, by rewriting some configure and directives.
> Now I Plan to make a 'stand-alone' binding( without all the pygtk stuff)
> For that point I have some questions, Did I have to create a separate
> project for th binding ? Like a pycheese module . It could be in the
> gnome project , or first I store it in another platform (like launchpad)
> ? Or foun a way to introduce it in cheese project ?
> Cheers
> Nico
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