RE: Some performance tunning opportunity of cheese

For alsa/pulse.
I tried VTune before, and found pulse play a lot in recording.
I will try oprofile if you think it is required.

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From: Stefan Kost [mailto:ensonic hora-obscura de] 
Sent: 2010年1月29日 21:28
To: Zhao, Halley
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Subject: Re: Some performance tunning opportunity of cheese

Am 29.01.2010 08:04, schrieb Zhao, Halley:
> Hi All:
> I created one patch for your basic/quick review.
> You can give me some guide line how to process it.
> Details:
> Cheese doesn’t perform well on my netbook, after some tries; I’d like discuss some opportunity with you.
> 0. Rob suggest me use gconf key for customized options, it has been reflected in the attached patch.
> 1. ALSA or PulseAudio
> Gconfaudiosrc is default to PulseAudio on my platform, however if I use ALSA directly, it will reduce CPU consummation. 
> For example, for audio only recording, Gst pipeline with PulseAudio src consumes 50%CPU, while with ALSA src consumes 30% CPU.
> Should we add some options(man through UI) to let user select ALSA as audio src?

I would rather like to see oprofile reports for both variants. Lets first see
the performance can be improved.


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