Re: cheese branches

On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 8:50 PM, daniel g. siegel <dgsiegel gnome org> wrote:
> howdy!
> is it safe to delete the following branches?
> Branch                  Commit message                                    Author             Age
> cheese-dbus             bring the dbus branch up to date                  Daniel G. Siegel   13 months

As far as I remember there was some unmerged stuff in this branch. Felix?

> cheese-waf              add translation support, patch by Daniel Svensson Daniel G. Siegel   22 months
> cheese_0_2_4_refactor   add HAL rules for known video devices             Patryk Zawadzki    22 months

Don't know, it seems both branches have been merged, should be safe to
remove them.

> netbook-mode            todo: remove todo file for netbook-mode           Filippo Argiolas    6 weeks

Completely forgot to remove it myself, please go ahead.


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