cheese from command line

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From: jean paul sartre <sartrejp gmail com>
Date: 2009/1/15
Subject: Re: cheese from command line
To: "daniel g. siegel" <dgsiegel gnome org>

2009/1/15 daniel g. siegel <dgsiegel gnome org>:
> hi!
> unfortunately there is no way to record a video from the command line
> (yet). but however you could launch a custom gstreamer pipeline, which
> does the same from the command line.
> daniel
> On Di, 2009-01-06 at 08:22 -0200, jean paul sartre wrote:
>> Hi, how are you? I was looking a way to run cheese with cron or at,
>> trying to record video in differents momments of the day. Do you know
>> where can I find cheese command line options? I  read man and search
>> and it doesn't jelp.
>> Thanks for your time and sorry for my english.
>> Good luck
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There's no way, any program make my webcam work (mencoder, vlc, any)
just cheese. Thanks anyway.
Best wishes

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