Re: Selecting webcam resolutions

hi james!

On Fr, 2008-01-25 at 15:43 -0800, James Liggett wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I recently stumbled upon Cheese, and I really think it is a great
> application...very nice work! With the glaring lack of decent webcam
> apps for Linux, this program fills a pretty big gap. But, there was one
> thing that bothered me: I can't select what resolution I want out of my
> camera, for pictures or video, in Cheese. So I started hacking and came
> up with this patch. It seems to work very well for both pictures and
> video; I can record and take pictures in any resolution that my camera
> supports. However, there is one problem: the thumbnailer seems to choke
> on the highest resolution videos; anything less than that (mine goes up
> to 1600x1200 @ 5 Hz) seems to work OK though. It gets bogged down and
> the UI gets blocked trying to process it. 

thanks a lot for your patch! i tried it right now and you did a really
nice work.

just two things i saw:

- it doesnt seem to work with videotestsrc, which is displayed when no
camera is attached. we should probably add a workaround here

- the resolution chooser should probably go into the menu on the top

i would really like to include this patch into gnome 2.22, so could you
have a look at those two things and i will ask for a feature freeze
break for that patch.

could you open a bug in the bugzilla system and we go then from there?

> I'm really not sure how we could solve this problem. I would say to try
> threading it, but in my experience MT GTK is a *real* pain. Or should we
> just cap recording resolution at say, 1024x768, as I saw was suggested
> on Bugzilla someplace? 

yeah, i think that would be the easiest way for now, as processing a
video, which has a larger resolution than 800x600 _could_ be too much
for a cpu

> Again, thanks for your great work. I'm looking forward to contributing.

no, thanks to YOU! ;)


> Thanks,
> James Liggett
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