Hello, I have a feature request...

Hi all,

I'm new to this list so please forgive me if I'm breaking any protocols
- if I am let me know...

I would like to request a settings or preferences dialog, perhaps in the
Edit menu, which would allow amonsgt other things the capture
resolution/format to be set.

Even if the options started out as configuration in a file under
~/.gnome2/cheese that would be useful.

The reason I ask is that my HP Pavilion built in webcam is capable of
some pretty good results (at least 680x480 30fps iirc), but cheese seems
hard coded to a lowest common denominator for video capture. It's a
shame because I really love the simplicity of the interface approach and
apart from the capture quality, it's awesome.

Here's a video I've already made using cheese, blender, gimp and
kdenlive - the grainy video is due to the cruddy video capture I



PS let me know how I can help. I'm not at all familiar with cheese
development, but I'm happy to pick some up with a few pointers to get
started. And as they say, blessed are the cheese makers :-)

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