Re: categories again

> The issue here is not that I don't like coding (I do) or that I'm
> lazy (I am), but whether it's a bit 'too much' for gnome-pim. For
> example, take a look at MS OutLook category support -- it's very
> basic. I wonder if it's worthwile to add extensive category support to
> gnome-pim when (maybe) it's not used very often...

In my opinion, editable categories are both useful and necessary- why I would want to categorize my events into categories which aren't necessarily relevant to my life is beyond me. :)  Comparisons to Microsoft products (or any other products, for that matter) are helpful, but not dispositive- our goal is to write Software That Sucks Less... :)

I would suggest, however, that you check with the Helix people (Miguel and Federico definitely read this list, among others) to make sure that you're not duplicating effort they have already put into Evolution.  It is unlikely that there is going to be a new unstable series of gnome-pim, so I'm not sure that the functionality you would be writing would ever get into a non-Evolution release.


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