RE: address book categories? not uploading to Pilot

Charles R. Tersteeg writes:
 > I lost all my pilot data and was able without a problem to up load back to
 > the pilot.  My only problem is the address catergories didn't hold in the
 > pilot.  Everything is Unfiled?  Help?  or is there no fix?

Yes there is a fix. Currently, none of the conduits can create new
categories on the pilot automatically [quickly scribling a note in
TODO:-)]. However if the categories already exist on the pilot then
the records will go to correct categories. So the fix for now, is
to precreate all necessary categories on the pilot first. They just
need to have the same names. Then you need to force a complete sync
again. Probably best to do a "copy to pilot" once to force recreation
of all records on pilot from scratch. They should windup in correct 


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