GnomeCal gnome-pilot conduit


Did that subject get your attention ? Ah well, don't get too itchy. 

For the brave among you, the time has come to test the early gnomecal
conduit ;
	1) do a cvs co of gnome-pilot and gnome-pim.
	2) compile and install gnome-pilot
	3) compile and install gnome-pim
	   check that does say that it found
	   gnome-pilot environment, if not, goto 1.
	4) startup gnomecc, you should have a capplet for the conduit,
	   enable the conduit. If not, goto 7
	5) sync and hope.   
	6) stop
	7) copy attached file to ~/.gnome/gnome-pilot.d/conduits0
        8) if prefix!=/usr, edit the libfile line in conduits0
	9) goto 6

And note, this is a pre-alpha-no-underpants-early-in-the-morning version.
It'll probably screw both calendars up the minute you go for coffee, so
backup and use xcopilot. It does have flaws, there are cases that are not
handled and so on.

If you get an errormessage like "Error in conduits definition file
yadayadayada", try to rm ~/.gnome/gnome-pilot.d/conduits0




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