New Gnome Calendar and Gnome Address book released.

Hello guys

   New gnome-pim 1.0.10 has been release.  This includes the personal
GNOME Calendar and the GNOME addressbook applications.

* Availability:

* What is new

	* Eight new languages supported and the existing ones have
	  been upgraded.  

	* Small bug fixes to the GnomeCalendar. 

	* AddressBook extensively enhanced by Arturo. 

		* Birtdate is back
		* New user interface, reworked various internals.

		* Various features that people have requested are
		  included (fields were there, but they had not been

* How to help

	* If you want to help providing more translations of this
	  software to other languages (both on-line manuals and text
	  translations), please subscribe to the list

	* If you want to improve the calendar or addressbook, we have
	  multiple items that we would like to implement.

	* The main CVS version includes Pilot syncing support, but I
	  need to add support for untimed events (A way to show these
	  in a nice way, not the current ultra-ugly "span all day"
	  display to make Palm support slick).

	* is the list for discussion of
	  enhancemnts for the calendar.

Best wishes,

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