some problems


I am a new user to gncal. I am experiencing a few problems.  Sorry for posting
it on the development list but I could find no other place for help.

I am not able to add meetings(appointments) which are scheduled on, say
last friday of each month.

Second there seems to be a bug - when I define a meeting to recur on a
particular day of every month, it starts hogging the cpu and memory and
unless I kill it, it grabs all the available memory/swap

Third, is there a way that I can get the alarms even when I am not running
the gncal. Some sort of deamon mode. Iconic clogs my taskbar. Also I tried
to put it with the iconic option in the autostart but it ends in a strange
It grabs all my mouse clicks and hot keys and I have to kill the whole session.

BTW I am using Mandrake 6.0 distribution with kde.


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