Re: Cleanup for 1.0.50

[ Elliot, Vincent: Read details on package maintenance at bottom ]

> I've temporarily stopped my attempts to add snooze functionality to 
> gnomecal (mentioned in an earlier message to the list).  I was 
> getting mysterious segfaults, so I figured it was safer to save the 
> diff from my working directory, check out a fresh copy of the 
> sources, and get back to it after the stable release.

Well, we do have a branch created for this in gnome-pim.

gnome-pim-1-0 is what is going to be shipped with GNOME 99Q4.

While HEAD is our cool new thing.

Could I look at your patch?  I might be able to tell what the segfault

> * Bug #1316 contains a patch which the submitter indicates fixes the 
> problem (compilation on IRIX 6.x) but which does not seem to have yet 
> been applied to CVS.

I do not know why I have not been getting those messages.  The patch
looks very correct to me.  I have applied this to HEAD and I am about
to do the same for gnome-pim-1-0 branch.

> * Is there a reason that the default button in the Event Editor is 
> Cancel, rather than OK?  I suspect that's at least partially to blame 
> for bugs like #1472.

1472 is a gnome-terminal bug.  Can you tell me which bug you were
looking at?

I have not been getting these errors as Federico is listed as the
maintainer, I need to find out a way to make me the maintainer.


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