Multiple Users / Feature Request (summary)


I'm not subscribed to the list so please Cc: replies; currently
running GnomeCal 1.0.42 (debian unstable).

I read through the archives and am interested in the work being done
on a shared calendar on a SQL server.  However, I think I have a
different view of the work in progess.  From what I've read, it
seems like everybody has a personal calendar, and there also exists
a "community" calendar.  It is up to the personal client to merge
the community calendar into individual calendars.  (I could be
totally misunderstanding this, but it is the easier method to
implement as well...)

However, I think that a better idea (and this may be where things
are heading, given the "private, protected, public" classifications)
is to allow others to update your addressbook, like a secretary
updating the boss's.  Having given this some thought, it seems like
both could coexist nicely - having public happenings "overlap"
private happenings without conflicting, and an "Attending" flag so
that the community calendar is reflected.  I'm not sure what
protected means, but if it's a single password type protection, this
may need expanding, with username/password pairs, for those who want
several people to be able to update their calendars with differing
passwords.  It would, of course, also be good to show where the
update came from in that case.

And finally, the feature request - it's usually the case (it seems
to me) that updates to the personal calendar are going to happen
some time before that day's events in general, and if so, it would
be good to email a summary to that person at the beginning of the
work day, and possibly one before/after lunch as well.  This is
useful even without the ``multiuser'' features implemented, so no
need to wait on one without the other.  =)

I'd also like to express my gratitude to everyone working on this
project.  I've not used the address book (hopefully it'll tie into
an LDAP server and coexist with Netscape and MS's addressbooks
nicely though) but the Calendar is excellent work and I for one
really appreciate it.  It does seem to be missing a WM icon - I've
assigned WindowMaker's "timer.xpm".  It's only missing the little
things like that.  And it would be good if it could popup before an
event is due as a reminder, or animate/flash the icon if possible.
Or if it could run without having to remain resident (eg, a cron
peek once every 5 minutes) and launch itself when needed.  Or
whatever - things like that.  (I don't mean to ramble, really.)

Again, thanks,
And excellent work all!

ps -
I sent this once before I subscribed to the list but didn't see it
in the archives and nobody said anything, so I've subscribed and
resent it.  Apologies if anyone gets this twice.


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