Re: File | Open behavior (bug #1818)

On Sat, 23 Oct 1999 13:05:13 PDT, "David Fallon" wrote:

>> Since we offer File | New and File | Save As, I think the correct
>> response is to refuse to open an invalid file (display a "File Not
>> Found" error and return to the file selector); this is what my fix
>> does.  The alternative, though, is to say that we're emulating the
>> emacs behavior and treat an open on an invalid file as a request to
>> create a new file with that name; I think that is at best 
>> for the average desktop user, especially when faced with the New 
>> Save As options.
>A much more intuitive response is to actually explain what's going 
on -
>"File not found" doesn't match with the fact that they just selected 
>file -
>a *much* better error message would be "The file "filename" is 
either not a
>calendar file, or is corrupted. Please try opening a different file."

I'm sorry, I wasn't particularly clear in my original message- I'm not even considering the case of an "invalid" file in the sense that it exists, but is not in vCalendar format.  (I'm not sure how the code handles that case, offhand, but my fix doesn't address that.)

The bug (and fix) I was referring to was for the case of an actually non-existant file, which can happen if the user types a filename into the file selector box rather than choosing from the displayed directory listing.

The fix, by the way, has been committed to CVS, so if you have an updated CVS version, you can test it out.


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