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On Mon, 18 Oct 1999 15:24:32 MDT, wrote:

>On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> > I'm glad to hear of the new license terms, and hope that we can 
>> > good use of libical.  I've subscribed to the libical mailing 
>> > and, unless one of the principal developers of gnomecal wants to 
>> > it, I'll volunteer to work on/coordinate the integration from the
>> > gnomecal side.  (Of course, what that means is still unclear to 
>> > are we going to continue to improve the current gnomecal code 
>> > or are we waiting to move to the new integrated app?)
>> We are moving toward a new integrated app, but integration is 
>> by means of Bonobo components.  So gnomecal will just become a 
>> component (we might still provide an alias "gnomecal" that will be 
>> 5-line program that basically embeds a GnomeCal Bonobo object)
>Looking over the libical sources, I've found that it uses some 
>memory management routines (i.e. icalmemory.*).  Do we want to have
>libical use glib routines, or continue to use the libical memory 
>In summary, do we want to have libical use glib routines or leave it 
>it is?

While in theory it is nice to have a consistent set of library functions in use (as glib is in gnomecal at present), I forsee a host of maintainability problems if we try to switch the code in libical- remember, we're not taking over maintenance of libical, we just want to use it.  Moving to glib would require us to maintain our own version of the libical sources, merge in patches from the main distribution, etc- essentially we'd be forking the code.

It's ultimately Miguel's call (along with the other maintainers of gnomecal/Evolution/whatever), but IMHO, unless there's a compelling reason to fork, I'd rather avoid it if at all possible.  (Read: I don't think that the use of glib is a sufficiently good reason to do that much maintenance work.)


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