Re: Gnomecal standards target

> take a look at before
> you start writing a new ical library .. ical is a very
> complicated data format, and there is a lot of domain
> knowledge that's gone into the design of that library. not
> that its necessarily the be-all and end-all, but its
> definitely at least a starting point.

Oh!  These are great, great news.

> personally im very interested in seeing full icap and imip
> support in the gnome groupware products in the near term.

This is our objective as well.

> ive recently had to fall back to outlook in order to get
> integrated todo, journal, event management and (really
> limited) freebusy and group scheduling. im really unhappy
> about that. in the long term of course, it would be well to
> add support for irip and cap, as those standards stabilize.
> which begs the question - how do you plan to make these
> services available to the entire gnome architecture (with
> which im not yet fully familiar)? is there any type of
> standard outgoing mail service for gnome (other than opening
> a pipe to sendmail)?

What do you need besides talking to the sendmail program?  I am not
sure on what the needs are beside this and being able to send mail to
a SMTP server.

would love to know more on which features you want from Outlook, as we
are targetting those features as part of Evolution.


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