Re: Gnomecal standards target

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Russell Steinthal wrote:

> Well, I see three ways of proceeding, at this point:

take a look at before
you start writing a new ical library .. ical is a very
complicated data format, and there is a lot of domain
knowledge that's gone into the design of that library. not
that its necessarily the be-all and end-all, but its
definitely at least a starting point.

personally im very interested in seeing full icap and imip
support in the gnome groupware products in the near term.
ive recently had to fall back to outlook in order to get
integrated todo, journal, event management and (really
limited) freebusy and group scheduling. im really unhappy
about that. in the long term of course, it would be well to
add support for irip and cap, as those standards stabilize.
which begs the question - how do you plan to make these
services available to the entire gnome architecture (with
which im not yet fully familiar)? is there any type of
standard outgoing mail service for gnome (other than opening
a pipe to sendmail)?

im hoping to be able to dig in and help at the code level,
but my time is really almost fully booked through the end of
the year. still i hope that i can bring some amount of
architecture and design experience to the groupware effort
since its to a large extent parallel to things that im doing
at work.

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