Re: ISO weeknumbers

< about ISO weeknumber display in gnomecal >

> I don't think something as drastic as a rewrite is needed.  You should
> only need to:
> 	1. Add some room in the GnomeMonthItemChild enumeration for
>            the text items for the week numbers.  I would put this
>            between GNOME_MONTH_ITEM_HEAD_LABEL and
> 	2. Add the necessary utility functions to create the text
>            items.
> 	3. Modify reshape_headings() and reshape_days() to take into
>            account the space for the week numbers.
> 	4. Add a reshape_weeks(), maybe, to reconfigure the items as
>            necessary.

Yeah, my plans exactly. You will get something this week.

> >  It is not. I'm currently at loss because the canvas does not behave as I 
> >  expected. I have been able to make room for the weeknumber column, but when
> >  I create the canvas items for the new column, they either segfault at will or
> >  at best do not update correctly. I have checked every call to canvas item
> >  manipulation and I believe I pass only valid parameters and pointers. 
> >  Apparently I'm overlooking something in canvas operation, or there is some 
> >  stupid bug lurking out there.
> I will be happy to help you with this if you send me your copy of the
> source :-)

Thanks. I haven't tested my changes against the CVS version, since I can't 
build it - even unpatched :-). What other modules besides gnome-pim should I 
check in to get it to compile? My home machine has only V.34 connection so I 
can't get everything. I'd rather sync my changes with the last version before 
I submit them.

>   Federico


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