Re: GnomeCard conduit for gnome-pilot

> > Probably having an interface like this would make sense:
> > 
> > vCard {
> >       string get_value (in string key);
> > }
> > 
> This does make more sense than just returning the entire vCard. We'll
> need some sort of iterator though (sorry for stating the obvious). We
> should also remember that there may be more than one email address, the
> same goes for most of the fields (as I recall, it's been a while since I
> read the vCard spec).
> But this still looses the semantic of an attribute. IMHO attributes
> should appear as such, so a sequence of name/value pairs would be
> preferable even to this.

either way will make the clients independent of the fileformat used, 
which will be usefull when changing this, which is planned for the 
gnome-calender AFAIK. (vcalender->icalender) 
also it will be easier to support multiple file formats.


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