Re: Request for comments on UI change (resend)

On Wed, 03 Nov 1999 18:18:48 EST, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

>>  The problem in this case, though, is that we want to do one thing
>>  on click-and-hold and the other on double click.  So I need to
>>  execute an action at point [1] (above), which means that I never
>>  actually get to [2].
>This can be nicely modeled as a state machine.  Your states are:
>	1. Base state
>	2. Waiting for popup
>	3. Waiting for second click
>	4. In the popup
>Your state transitions are determined by button press and release
>events, and by a timeout that gets installed when you are in the base
>state and get a button press.

I guess that would work- it would just impose a slight delay on the 
popup of the quick-view window (equal to whatever the double-click 
timeout is).

But I'm not sure it's worth that much code to implement what is 
really a quite trivial feature- would anyone really object to simply 
removing the double-click behavior from the week view (and adding it 
to the pop-up window as "Go to Day" or the like)?  If people are 
attached to that feature, I'm inclined to just drop the quick view 
idea for now.


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