Re: Potential to-do list enhancements

>  > Offhand, the two things which I would most like to see would be 
>  > categories (and the ability to get filtered lists, such as "only work 
>  > related") and priorities, so that the list would stay sorted.
>  That seems doable.  Categories are defined in the vTodo specs upon
>  my last read of them.  I'm not sure what the categories really are,
>  but I know there should be internal support for storing them in the
>  file format/memory structures.
>  Miguel, Federico, do you have any ideas what categories we should
>  support?

The basic calendar object (iCalObject) can already store categories.
The only thing missing should be the user interface.  This of course
needs tweaking of the event-edit dialog.

However, we *really* need a way to share categories between gnomecal
and gnomecard.  Eric already added support for categories in

I would like to make some important changes to gnomecal that are not
entirely related to this:

	1. Gnomecal needs to be converted to use UTC internally
           instead of localtime.  This will let us handle multiple
           calendars with different time zones correctly.

	2. The recurrence engine is horrible.  It needs to be
           rewritten in terms of "add days" and "subtract dates"
           instead of generating events by brute force and putting
           them in a list.

	3. Maybe (2) can be done with GDate's help (this is Glib's
           date manipulation functions), I'm not sure.


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