Screenshot showing "New" dialogue, or keyboard shortcut for OK?

Hi gang,

As I've mentioned before, I've got a 640x480 display, and the "New"
dialogue (still, as of gnome-pim-1.0.3) doesn't fit on it - the bottom 
(where buttons like "OK" or "Close" would be) is inaccessible.  
Needless to say, this makes trying to add events *really* hard.

I got the bright idea that if I pulled it up on something with a
higher-res display, I could figure out what buttons were down there,
and in what order, and then try to figure out how to tab over to
the "appropriate" one.  Unfortunately, the SGI in the other room
lacks Gnome, and declined to display gnomecal from my laptop. :)

So I'm wondering whether anyone might want to send me a screenshot
MAILING LIST.  Posting binaries to a list that goes to an arbitrarily
large number of people is unspeakably evil, and will result in your
burning eternally in GNOME Hell. :)  If you'd be willing to send me
a screenshot, please respond to me directly. :)

Another possibility I've been considering is that maybe, just maybe,
there's actually some keyboard shortcut I can use to tell the dialogue
that things should be saved.  I know I managed to add one event, once,
somehow, though I have no idea how, and I'm guessing some key I hit
must have done it.

I'm not entirely unwilling to hit every conceivable combination of
keys to see what they do in the context of that dialogue, but if 
someone out there KNOWS that a certain combination is equivalent to
clicking the "OK" button (I'm presuming there *is* an "OK" button,
although I've never seen it on my screen :) I'd appreciate being
tipped off, as it'd save wear on my keyboard. ;)

Thanks in advance,


Dan Birchall, Haddonfield NJ.  Linux, NEC Versa 2000C, Cannondale
See the Unofficial Maisha Fan Site:
"We want to take over the world, but it doesn't have to be tomorrow.
A few days or a week or two from now is okay."  - Linus Torvalds

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