Re: Calender End date problem

> the code), which does a currenttime < enddate. And currenttime is set to
> the event start time, thus compared with midnight causes the last day fall
> off.
> The proper fix would probably be to either set the end date to include
> the events's end hour, or simply 23:59.
> Comments, or should I just commit the +86400 (which will really look like
> a hack).
> /dev/eskil

Some of my appointments range for only an hour at the same time for say the
next 5 months.  I do not have ical but rather gnome-pim or calendar.

I do not see in the recurring tab an event end hour just "End on" and pick a
date.  I'm not a cvs hacker, I'm lucky enough to get things to run with
installing rpms.

I'm a little confused on setting the end date to include the event's end
hours as it's not an all day event or an option to set that.  If you can,
please clarify or tell me to wait for an update.

Thank you,
n:Tersteeg;Charles R.
note;quoted-printable:icq# 15315331=0D=0A
fn:Charles R. Tersteeg

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