Re: Calender End date problem

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Eskil Heyn Olsen wrote:

> Tech: The correct end date is written in the .vcf file, and as I
> understand from the rfc (2445, page 118), the entry should repeat until
> and including the date, not untill excluding the date.

It can be fixed by adding 86400 (or 86399) in calobj.c (load_recurrence)

	o->recur->enddate = o->recur->_enddate + 86400;

The problem is, that the saved date is at 00:00, and the check in
ical_object_generate_events uses the recur_in_range define (just above in
the code), which does a currenttime < enddate. And currenttime is set to
the event start time, thus compared with midnight causes the last day fall

The proper fix would probably be to either set the end date to include
the events's end hour, or simply 23:59.

Comments, or should I just commit the +86400 (which will really look like
a hack).


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