Re: Testing

> a camel provider could very easily take icalendar off the
> wire and populate camel data structures. icalendar is
> already name-value based, so it fits fairly well with the
> folder+message api, although there would probably need to be
> convenience methods for extracting icalendar property
> parameters and property values from the 'mime headers'.

I am sorry, I might be missing something here but what is the relation
of "value-key" with a folder/message

I really fail to see the relationship.

> i dont think ive ever seen an open source icap server (its
> ICAP btw, basically created by copying imap and
> s/mail/calendar/g). however there are open source icap
> client libraries popping up these days, so it wouldnt
> surprise me if somebody put a server out in the near future.

Ok.  I was asking, as my company is working precisely on an
open-source iCAP server as part of Evolution.


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