Re: Testing

what are the plans for adding pim support to evolution? will
development on gnome-pim stop?

it looks like an icap camel provider could be written pretty
easily, but it will only provide support for events, not
todos or journals. altho i know that my company's icap
server will make use of icap extensions for todos and

coincidentally, the icap draft was written by the ex-cto of
a company we acquired this year. i suspect he could be
talked into allowing us to submit a new revision of the
draft. but that might be overkill, if cap matures in the
next six months and is able to replace icap.

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Bertrand Guiheneuf wrote:

> Seer Snively wrote:
> > Testing:
> >
> > Is there anyone here?  What happened to camel?  I read about it months
> > ago and now I'm going to have time to make an email client I can live
> > with!
> >
> > Is anybody out there?
> Hi,
> I have been busy on other projects, but the developpement
> on Camel will resume on December 15th.
> I will work on it full time.
> Miguel is working on a table widget which will be used
> everywhere in Evolution.
> Ettore works on a composition window.
> A web site will soon be available.
> Other good news should be available soon :)
> I promise you Evolution will be, by far,  the best Mailer on
> Linux in a few months.
> Regards,
>     Bertrand

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