Re: Proposed changes to Calendar abstraction

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Russell Steinthal wrote:

> Gnomecal hackers:
> I've started coding the iCalendar code, and it seems to be going 
> well, at least so far.  I do, however, have some thoughts about 
> changes which I think would make sense in our Calendar abstraction, 
> and would like your comments:

excellent! ive just been thinking about how to make gnomecal
interface to icap servers, perhaps using the mcal library

from a user perspective, id like to be able to be able to
roll up multiple calendars into one view. these calendars
may all come from different data sources, or they may all
come from one data source, or some combination thereof. for
instance, i store personal data directly in the gnomecal
local store, but i store work data on the icap server in my
office. i want to be able to see data from both of these
calendars by default, and 'unroll' one or the other when

in regards to implementation specifics, it would be nice to
not have to touch any gui or core code to add support for a
new data source. perhaps some type of simplistic module or
driver api?

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