Re: Testing

>  So it seems there actually are people reading this mailinglist... Well,
>  last weekend I looked which new RFC's there are, and three of them are
>  interesting to the gnome-calendar: RFC 2445, 2446 and 2447.
>  If the gnome-calendar would incorperate these protocols, it can competete
>  with the commercial programs from Lotus/Microsoft/Netscape (the authors of
>  those RFCs).
>  But maybe the stability of the program is a first goal (?)...

The idea is to write a calendar server that uses iCalendar and ITIP
and all that unmentionable stuff.  It has not been done yet because
the IMC guys keep changing the IRIP spec rather often, and because of
lack of time.

If Gnomecal is not stable, please do tell me so that I can fix it :-)


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