[Buoh-dev] CVS commit to /cvsroot/buoh/buoh/data/icons by carlosgc

CVS commit to /cvsroot/buoh/buoh/data/icons by carlosgc

Added Files:
Log Message:
2006-09-25  Carlos Garcia Campos  <carlosgc gnome org>
	* INSTALL: Removed, it's a generated file
	* configure.in: Don't use deprecated AM init macro
	* src/buoh-comic-loader.c: Remove stupid debug message
	* data/Makefile.am:
	* data/buoh.desktop.in:
	* data/icons/Makefile.am:
	* data/icons/16x16/Makefile.am:
	* data/icons/16x16/buoh.png:
	* data/icons/64x64/Makefile.am:
	* data/icons/64x64/buoh.png:
	* src/buoh-view-message.c:
	* src/buoh-view.c:
	* src/buoh-window.c:
	* src/main.c:
	Install icons acording to the icon theme specification.

RCS file: /cvsroot/buoh/buoh/data/icons/Makefile.am,v
rcsdiff: /cvsroot/buoh/buoh/data/icons/Makefile.am,v: Symbolic name `NONE' is undefined.

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