[BuildStream] IRC monthly meeting: today


# Schedule and channel

The monthly IRC meeting takes place later today:
* Date: Tuesday 18th September (next Tuesday)
* Time: 14:00 UTC
* The monthly BuildStream team meeting is being held on IRC
   * See [0] for your local time.
   * Check the BuildStream calendar for further meetings and event[1].

* The channel is #buildstream-meetings on GIMPNet[2].

* Check previous meeting minutes[3]

# Agenda

Is there anything you want to discuss? Please add it to the agenda below.

* Action points from the previous meeting[4]
* Hot topics:
   * New bugs[5]
   * Requests[6] 
   * Any other hot topic
      * Technical debt. from the 1.2 release related tasks[7]
* WIP: 
   * Features under development[8].
   * Bugs being fixed[9].
   * Any other WIP
* AOB (Any other business)

# Agenda description

* Hot topics: new or very recent topics you want to bring to the meeting to
inform, confirm or discuss with others.
   * It would be way simpler for participants to understand the topic and
provide you a better feedback if you send in advance the link with further

* WIP: Work in progress: this is the time to provide an update of what you are
doing if it is relevant to others beyond the information that is already
available on the ticket/bug/merge request. It is also the time to ask a
question or discuss any topic related with work currently in progress.

* AOB: any other topic you want to raise.
   * The time for AOB varies depending on the rest of the topics so if you
already have one, please send to the list so we add it to the agenda, ensuring
some time for it.

[0] http://time.unitarium.com/utc/14
[2] IRC: irc.gnome.org:6667/#buildstream-meetings
[3] https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/BuildStream/Monthly-Meeting
[4] https://meetbot.gnome.org/buildstream-meetings/2018/buildstream-meetings.2018-08-21-14.01.html
[5] https://gitlab.com/BuildStream/buildstream/boards/580472?milestone_title=No+Milestone&=&label_name[]=Bug
[8] https://gitlab.com/BuildStream/buildstream/boards/580459?milestone_title=BuildStream_v1.4&;
[9] https://gitlab.com/groups/BuildStream/-/boards/580599?=&label_name[]=Bug

Best Regards
Agustín Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant
Codethink Ltd
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