Re: Buildj vapidirs

                        في ج، 15-10-2010 عند 23:36 +0200 ، كتب iNFINITY:
> Hi,
> I'm sending a patch to add vapidirs support. Hope the patch is done
> correctly.
Yes, it seems correct (except for trailing whitespace: you should either
remove it or not touch it at all). However, you don't have a username in
it :-)
> example <base>/project.yaml, vapidir is <base>/vapi
> targets:
>   fx-demo:
>     type:     program
>     tool:     vala
>     path:     src
>     vapidirs:
>       - ../vapi
>     packages:
>       - local

Is it better to use absolute or relative filenames? I think relative is
fine if we can somehow write absolute (i.e. relative to project root)
filenames using e.g. /vapi. How is this done in waf?

Is this ok to commit?


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