Re: Spec draft

--- El mar, 12/10/10, Alberto Ruiz escribió:
> > If, for example, a project requires support for an
> esoteric language or for a new compiler, will that project
> have to wait for a new buildj version with a new
> specification? Will it also force everybody to update the
> buildj specification to build such projects? What should the
> parser do when an unknown attribute is found? reject as
> invalid or ignore? What about typos (for example "use"
> instead of "uses").
> I have a few ideas, but yes, I want the format to be
> extensible on a
> per project basis (as long as it doesn't rewrite the spec
> rules), in
> the same way that M4 is. However, there is something I'm
> not
> advocating for, at least not at this point. which is a
> single
> scripting api and language for all implementations.
> Each implementation should be extended using the language
> and platform
> used by that particular implementation.

Ok, so how do you imagine the extensions? For example, with the current spec I wonder if I could install header files. How would I provide an extension to do that?


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