Re: Buildj file(s)

Hi Thomas,
                     في ن، 04-10-2010 عند 12:20 +0000 ، كتب Nagy Thomas:
> To ease the use of buildj (however you call it), it may be interesting
> to provide a single file. It is not necessary to wrap 'waf' by another
> program, for a few command-lines are provided (rev: 9744) to ease the
> creation of a custom executable (you do not have to call the resulting
> script 'waf').
Yes, that's what I want to do, I just didn't figure out the best way to
do it, thanks for the tips :-)

> Regarding the yaml files, I never heard of pyyaml before, and I do not
> think its use is widespread. Using different python versions can be a
> problem too.
I, for one cannot use buildj master for now : waf doesn't seem to work
with python 2.5 and my pyyaml version wasn't compiled for 2.6 :-(

>  In my view writing a custom parser to remove the dependency sounds
> reasonable (python provides shlex and a python parser, building upon
> them should not be too difficult).
There is one such parser in the yaml branch of the repository (using the
tokenize module), but I don't like it much (it has some subtle
incompatibilities). I've also tried to port the parser from YAML::Tiny
perl module (uses regexps ex(ten|clu)sively ;-p). The result can be
found here :

I'm still not sure what's the best way for this. We definitely need
discussing this more.

> I would be interested to see a specification of those yaml files too
> (not just an example or two). Forward compatibility is a very
> difficult problem with description files, and it is one of the main
> reasons why waf files are still plain python scripts.
See : for the file format and for a (slightly outdated) description
of the schema used.


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