[Builder] gnome-builder 3.18.0

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


GNOME 3.18 is here, and so is Builder!

A short list of updates since 3.17.92:

 • buffer: release symbol resolver aggressively
 • build: disable device manager/mingw plugins by default
 • cindent: ensure we don't loop forever looking for context
 • counters: add vsdo fallback on linux and no rdtscp instruction
 • counters: mask CPU bits from rdtscp instruction on x86_64
 • editor: release underlying document aggressively to prevent leaks
 • editor: <shift>k in vim mode to request documentation
 • editor: add simple goto line popover, activate with ctr+i in gedit mode
 • editor: fix crash upon DnD to editor
 • keybindings: use ctrl+alt+o for global search in gedit mode.
 • map-bin: ignore size adjustment when floating bar is not used
 • plugins: show plugin greyed out if it is disabled
 • search: disable progress bar in search results
 • search: fix popover bug when clearing search text
 • search: make the search entry more forgiving to smaller sizes
 • search: show more search results by default
 • symbol-tree: fix cache timeout to use milliseconds
 • theme: fix styling of view controls in stack header
 • view-stack: allow focusing the view stack by clicking on the header

We have marked the mingw and device manager plugins as experimental
because they are not implemented to the point of being useful. We
suggest that packagers do not ship them as part of the 3.18.0 release.

-- Christian

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-builder/3.18/gnome-builder-3.18.0.tar.xz (1.38M) sha256sum: b32586c93ba26b8a4028d7779e81e7c56d54603c11a70db436e96ed977dbe9b4

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