[Builder] gnome-builder 3.18.1

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Just like the 3.16 cycle, we are moving fast despite the dot release
nature of this cycle. We have a lot to get done and we want our lovely
users helping us test this young program.

A short list of updates since 3.18.0:

 • Initial support for Vala. Until we move this out of process, we do
   expect that things are a bit leaky. This plugin is written in Vala
   and requires libvala-0.30. It supports autocompletion, as-you-type
   error highlighting, a symbol tree, and jump to definition. We would
   love for the vala community continue helping make this plugin great.
 • You can now write plugins in Vala. *.vapi are generated for libide-1.0
   and gnome-builder-1.0.
 • Autocompletion, in most scenarios, will be much faster. Check out
   https://blogs.gnome.org/chergert/2015/10/05/post-guadec-catchup/ for
   more information on how this was done.
 • Most autocompletion engines now support fuzzy completion. This means
   that "gtkwidshow" will match "gtk_widget_show".
 • A few crashers were fixed.
 • --enable-*-plugin now works correctly.
 • Content type loading was fixed so that Makefile.am are no longer opened
   by totem.
 • Python jedi completion has been improved.
 • Fix some coverity warnings.
 • A new button has been added to the editor to jump to the next warning
   or error.
 • The C indenter is a bit more friendly to alternate coding styles.
 • Reindent line support has landed (tab in emacs, == in vim, ctrl+alt+i
   as default).
 • A new font for the overview map has been enabled. It is called
   and is a generic block font based on Tofu from Behdad Esfahbod.
 • The ctags plugin can now defer tags generation to automakes `make ctags`.
 • You can now draw marks for spaces, tabs, newlines, non-breaking
   trailing and leading spaces.
 • Many translation updates including (French, Hungarian, Kazakh, Korean,
   Spanish, Finnish, Esperanto, Czech, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese,
   German, and Serbian).
 • Improvements to the search workflow.
 • Various vim and emacs compatability and stability improvements.
 • Jedi completion proposals now show the correct word and lower probability
   of functions that start with __.
 • Symbol tree panel stability improvements.

Thanks to all of our more than 20 contributors since 3.18.0!


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