[Builder] GNOME Builder - 3.16.0


As some of you know, I've just made our initial "preview" release, 3.16.0! I've never worked so hard in my life, and I couldn't be more excited wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.

This morning I merged the wip/libide branch to master. That means that 3.16.0 shipped with initial libide support! This includes build system abstractions, auto-completion engines, auto-indenters, compilation support, snippets, live diagnostics, and much, much more.

We were even able to take Alex's suggestion on implementing Vim using Gtk+ CSS keybindings. I'm excited that many requested vim movements are now supported (even complex ones like `cip`). They can be replayed too!

We are still missing lots of things (including documentation on how to use Builder). I hope to work on that this upcoming week. I know a lot of users are unfamiliar with our keyboard shortcuts, and I hope to ease that going forward.

Some features, as part of the libide work were modified. There is a chance I broke something you used. Please let me know as soon as possible if that is the case, we will be making a followup release sometime next week.

Expect more emails from me soon, we have lots to plan!


-- Christian


It is my distinct pleasure to announce the first preview release of
GNOME Builder!

GNOME Builder is a new development environment being developed in
conjunction with the GNOME desktop. While Builder is an alpha product,
it is under heavy development. We look forward to early testers and
encourage everyone to try things out and file bugs and feature requests.

I'd like to thank the Gedit and GtkSourceView team for all of their hard
work integrating features from Builder upstream as well as adding
features we needed. Additionally the GLib and Gtk+ teams were incredibly
helpful to keep us moving.

Builder is built in conjunction with LibIDE. This new shared library
provides the necessary abstractions to build a modern IDE. It includes
auto-completion, auto-indenters, buffer management, a source editor,
abstractions for build systems, version control, file settings,
translation units, diagnostics, symbols, search engines, snippets, local
and external devices, documentation, animations, and more.

Some highlights of this release are:

 · A beautiful new GtkSourceView theme influenced by design grid paper.
 · Integrated source editor based on GtkSourceView.
 · Live diagnostics as you type for C, C++ via Clang.
 · Live diagnostics as you type for Python, Ruby, CSS, JavaScript, JSON,
   Vala, Go, and others via gnome-code-assistance.
 · Highlighting of added/changed lines within the source editor.
 · Robust Vim and Emacs emulation.
 · Multiple views into single file. Both horizontal and vertical splits
   are supported.
 · Navigation history to jump back and forward within modified files.
 · Robust snippet engine including support for GLib 2.44 style GObjects.
 · Quick search to locate files within your project as well as
   documentation in devhelp.
 · Smart backspace to simplify using spaces instead of tabs.
 · A command bar to execute internal GActions and Vim style commands
   with autocompletion.
 · An implementation of Vim's scrolloffset.
 · Restoration of insertion cursor when reloading a file.
 · Autocompletion based on current words in loaded buffers.
 · Experimental support for autocompletion based on clang.
 · Support for vim, emacs, and kate style modelines.
 · Editorconfig support.
 · Experimental read-only support for autoconf/automake based build
 · Robust auto-indenters for GNU C89, Python, and XML.
 · Experimental project tree (available via F9).
 · Experimental support for building automake based projects.
 · Keybinding replay for command repeat in Vim emulation.
 · Autosaving of modified buffers, never lose a change.
 · Scripting via Python (CPython) or JavaScript (Gjs) and GObject
 · Dynamic power management when running on laptop battery.
 · HTML and Markdown live preview.
 · Autocompletion of g_date_time_format() format parameters.
 · Type ahead search with rubberbanding.

We wont be slowing down any time soon. Thanks to everyone for your
support, I cannot wait for what is ahead.

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