Re: a GNOME-hosted build slave?

En 12/07/12 15:53, Frederic Peters escribiu:
>> Which requirements? At this moment of time we don't have a lot of 
>> available resources but I'll definitely take some time in the near 
>> future to check each machine and set up a plan to clean up useless 
>> or unused services.
>> If the requirements won't be that high (i.e <= 2048MB RAM) we can 
>> try and find a new home for a GNOME-hosted build-slave.
> 2GB is a minimum, we have to build webkit :) but I believe that would
> do, and later on the buildbot could be moved, on another one added.

I we have to build a debug version of webkit then 2GB is not enough at
all. Right now ~8GB is the recommended setup. Building a release version
(optimizations on, no debug symbols...) obviously needs far less resources.


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