glib-networking tls warning on all builders for gst-plugins-good tests


here is the trimmed chatlog. Thers is a warning on all builders. The bug seems
to be know, but dan cannot reproduce it himself. any ideas?


<ensonic> danw: there is a warning on that looks like some
libsoup/tls related one: Unexpected critical/warning: value
G_TLS_CERTIFICATE_GENERIC_ERROR | 2736194560)" of type `GTlsCertificateFlags' is
invalid or out of range for property `tls-errors' of type `GTlsCertificateFlags'
<ensonic> danw:
<ensonic> any idea?
<danw> ensonic: that definitely happens if you have an out-of-date
glib-networking package
<danw> ensonic: there's a bug in bugzilla with someone insisting they get it
with up-to-date glib-networking too, but I can't reproduce it and they haven't
debugged further
<ensonic> danw: its on all 3 builders, so should the dependency
be upped
<danw> "out of date" as in, several weeks old
<ensonic> danw: is there a release where it should work?
<danw> ensonic: either the latest release or the latest git
<danw> ensonic: what version of glib-networking is there currently?\
<ensonic> dunno really, let me check
<danw> i mean, if you're building all of gnome from git, it should be from git...
<ensonic> danw: I don't, its, but doh, right its all from git
<ensonic> (almost all)
<danw> ensonic: i'm jhbuilding gst-plugins-good now to see if i get the error...
<jclinton> ObiWahn: and then worry about the obscure WM behaviors
<ensonic> danw: it happend when you run make check
<danw> ensonic: right
<pochu> danw, ensonic: that someone is me :) sorry for not having debugged it
furter yet
<pochu> *further
<pochu> the bug would be
<bugbot> bug  637853 ( normal,
Normal, ---, libsoup-maint, NEEDINFO, timeout-test fails after the GTls switch
<danw> pochu: well, it's a total pain to debug, you have to chase through N
layers of gobject signals/properties. but i was figuring you'd quickly discover
that actually you had an old copy of glib-networking lying around that was
getting loaded and then NOTABUG it :)
<pochu> danw: I've also built it on a clean chroot, so that's unlikely :-)
<pochu> but I'm using released tarballs, so if it was fixed on git that could be it
<danw> pochu: no, it's fixed as of 2.27.5
<pochu> that's what I have, yes :/
<danw> ensonic: PASS: elements/souphttpsrc
<danw> meh
<ensonic> hrmpf
<danw> is there a "ensure that all local variables are initialized to garbage"
environment variable?
<ensonic> danw: I'll mail it to the build-brigade list, maybe someone sees something
<danw> ensonic: well it seems at this point like there is a bug, just one that I
can't reproduce for some reason...

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